Onventis is committed to climate protection

Everyone – whether an individual or a company – leaves a carbon footprint. As a source-to-pay provider, we not only drive the future issues of our customers with digital solutions, but also have a sustainable impact on the planet with our economic activities. In addition to innovative products, we see the greatest potential for positive change in our own measures to improve environmental conditions. For this reason, we already anchored the topic of climate protection in our corporate goals two years ago and have been certified as a climate-neutral company since 1 January 2020 and again for 2021.

The careful use of resources has been anchored in our corporate DNA from the very beginning. As a company, Onventis supports its customers on the one hand in streamlining processes and handling them paperlessly. On the other hand, as a service company we cause relatively low CO2 emissions. Through offers such as the job bike or home office as well as the gradual conversion of all company cars to electric drive, the emissions on the way to work or during business trips, which account for the majority of our ecological footprint, could be significantly reduced. In order to make a contribution to the environment and the careful use of resources, Onventis has been sponsoring a colony of honey bees since 2021. This possible due to a cooperation with a sustainably managed organic beekeeping company from southern Germany.

After reducing all emissions that can be influenced, Onventis still emits 243 tonnes of CO2 per year. Per employee, these emissions amount to an average of approximately 2.8 tonnes per year. By comparison, the average CO2 footprint of a person in Germany is approximately 11.2 tonnes per year¹.

Onventis offsets the remaining, unavoidable emissions through the climate protection project “CO2OL Tropical Mix“. The project supports the reforestation of various fallow forest and pasture areas in Panama, thus linking sustainable forest harvesting and cocoa cultivation with the protection of biodiversity and the restoration of the forest ecosystem.

In 2021, Onventis offset these remaining emissions through the Peat Bog Project in Sumatra. The project works to restore peatland rainforest in the Merang region of Indonesia and targets the Merang Biodiversity Corridor. The corridor is one of the largest and deepest peatlands in South Sumatra and is home to high biodiversity, including a variety of endangered species.

Offsetting our 2022 emissions is also in the works to implement the next step in our climate strategy. Because we believe: economic growth and sustainability are not contradictory, but drivers for a greener future.

Read how you can make your procurement more sustainable here.

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