New P2P Vendor Analysis on Onventis

2 août 2021 | Actualités

Spend Matters publishes second analysis of All-in-One Procurement System

After the initial analyst overview of the Onventis source-to-contract and SxM (or “supplier management”) solutions, part two has now been published as a survey of Onventis’ P2P capabilities. The detailed P2P analysis of the All-in-One Procurement Suite provides insights into our key e-procurement functions from requisitioning, purchasing, and receiving to payment and posting of goods and services. The Onventis P2P solution is recommended for mid-sized companies in EMEA looking for procure-to-pay.

The two-part article contains information about the Onventis functionalities in e-procurement and invoice-to-pay/AP automation. The first P2P article gives a brief solution overview, a SWOT analysis, and a look at the market and vendor selection. The second part covers strengths and weaknesses of the solution and provides an analyst summary in addition to deeper insights into the solution modules.

Onventis’ approach to creating a network effect between buyers and suppliers is a trend that we believe is going to grow, and I believe that in the mid-market, Onventis has the upper hand.

Michael Lamoureux, Research Analyst, Spend Matters

From a Procure to Pay perspective, we hit the nerve of the mid-market with our approach to combine a full P2P suite with simple and accessible system solutions. The analysts see the great strengths of our Procure to Pay portfolio in the company and user configurability, supplier network approach and robust integration with ERP solutions.

Heiko Rumpl, Director Products & Services, Onventis

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