Uelzena eG

The Uelzena Group manufactures a wide range of products and ingredients for the international food industry – tailor-made, innovative and high quality for over 65 years. It all started with milk from the region, from northern Germany. She still comes from there today.

In 1952 the Uelzena eG was founded in Uelzen, between Hamburg and Hanover in the Lüneburger Heide (Lower Saxony). As a cooperative of dairies and dairies, we used to produce primarily durable milk powder from the milk surpluses of our members.

Specialist for customized products

Today, we also produce butter, butterfat, cheese, sweetened condensed milk, manufacture other milk-based ingredients and products, manufacture dry products entirely without milk and have positioned ourselves as a service provider for the food processing industry. This includes sensitive contract drying products such as flavours, natural colour powders and vitamins as well as the development of tailor-made products for well-known brand suppliers.


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