WERO GmbH & Co. KG

For more than 60 years our innovative and dynamically managed family business has been working for customers of all industries and sizes. As a certified manufacturer of medical products, we are represented throughout Germany and Austria and, via cooperation partners, in numerous European countries.

A total of 240 employees work for us, of which 120 field representatives throughout Germany provide personal advice on site. With passion and high competence we take care of the protection and preservation of people’s health every day

Whoever has responsibility for colleagues or employees knows: Occupational safety and health protection not only cost time and money, but are also a source of lubrication for a well-functioning organisation and create satisfied employees.


Nos experts en approvisionnement électronique vous présentent le réseau d’approvisionnement Onventis All-in-One.

Weitere Kunden aus der BrancheOther customers from the industryAndere klanten uit de brancheOther customers from the industry: Chimie/ Pharma/ Plastiques

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