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Spend Matters Recognizes Onventis in “50 Providers to Know”

Onventis has been named one of the 50 Providers to Know in the procurement and supply chain market this year after previously being recognized as a “Provider to Watch” for two years. This acknowledgment highlights the company’s steadfast dedication to revolutionizing purchasing and finance processes. 

The 50 Providers to Know list is a prestigious recognition carefully curated based on data-driven analysis by a dedicated analyst team. Each year, it acknowledges the best-in-class companies in the procurement and supply chain sector, and 2023 marks the tenth annual release of this influential list.  

Onventis’ flagship product, the Onventis Buyer cloud software, stands as a comprehensive procurement system designed to empower organizations in achieving critical goals: financial control, process efficiencies, and substantial cost savings. The platform ensures strict adherence to corporate policies and legal regulations, providing a robust solution that streamlines and automates the entire procurement journey, from sourcing to spend analysis.  

In the past year, Onventis has made substantial strides in critical areas, including sustainability, user experience, and thought leadership. The company has integrated environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into its platform, enabling clients to choose sustainable procurement. The focus on enhancing user satisfaction and retention rates through an intuitive interface and responsive customer support has been instrumental to their success.  

The company’s success can be attributed to its unwavering dedication to understanding and adapting to the evolving needs of clients and the procurement industry. With an exceptional churn rate of less than 4%, Onventis has nurtured solid and enduring partnerships, such as Schott, who has been a loyal customer for two decades.  

The future of the procurement sector will emphasize sustainability, resilience, and digitalization, and Onventis is poised to lead this evolution. The company will continue to provide innovative tools, insights, and solutions that empower businesses to make data-driven decisions, enhance supplier relationships, and meet the growing demands of a changing world.  

Being recognized as a Provider to Know by Spend Matters in this highly competitive landscape is a major milestone for Onventis. It signifies that their relentless dedication to innovation and client success is making a significant impact, motivating them to strive for even greater excellence in delivering cutting-edge procurement solutions and supporting evolving client needs.  

Onventis looks forward to driving innovation and success in the dynamic procurement and supply chain management industry and further collaborating with clients and partners in shaping its future. 


Spend Matters is the leading solution intelligence source for procurement and supply chain professionals. Combining deep technology analysis and tailored advisory services with daily news coverage and subscription research, Spend Matters is trusted by CPOs, consultants, investors, and solution providers alike as their procurement technology intelligence partner. 

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